Discover What My Students Have to Say

At Sharon’s Driving School, my commitment goes beyond simply teaching people how to drive. I am dedicated to empowering my students with the skills, confidence, and knowledge they need to navigate the road safely and independently. But don’t just take my word for it. The true measure of our success lies in the experiences of my students.

In this section, I am excited to share a collection of testimonials from individuals who have embarked on their driving journey with me. From those who were nervous beginners to those seeking to refine their skills, my students’ stories reflect the transformative impact of the driving sessions.

I believe that the best way to showcase my dedication to excellence is through the words of those who have sat behind the wheel with me. These testimonials are a testament to the personalized guidance, patient teaching, and unwavering support that I offer to each and every student who chooses Sharon’s Driving School.

As you read through these testimonials, you’ll gain insights into the positive changes my driving sessions have brought to our students’ lives. From conquering fears to passing tests and, most importantly, becoming confident and responsible drivers, our students’ success stories are a source of pride and inspiration.

Whether you’re considering your very first session or looking to refine your driving skills, I invite you to explore these heartfelt testimonials and discover why Sharon’s Driving School is the preferred choice for those seeking a comprehensive, safe, and enjoyable driving experience. Your journey to becoming a skilled and confident driver starts here.

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“Cannot rate Sharon highly enough. Learning a child with ADHD and anxiety is tough. Trust me I know this but Sharon went above and beyond. So patient and so calm.

Halle was stressing about her theory so Sharon said ok forget the driving lesson lets go to a coffee shop and study. She aced her theory.

When she had a bad day driving Sharon asked what helped her concentrate and Halle said a teacher of hers always gave them Haribo’s as a reward. True to style Sharon arrived with Haribos next lesson. Halle passed first time and in a very short period. I cannot have enough respect for Sharon. Best driving instructor ever. Keep doing what your doing .

If Carlsberg did driving instructors…”

Halle’s Mum

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“I can’t say Thank you enough to this amazing woman, I have ADHD, anxiety and struggle a lot, Sharon has helped me so much and helped me pass in a short period of time. She is so calm, patient, understanding and would never raise her voice even if I was getting all stressy. Sharon not only teaches you how to pass your test but she also teaches you how to drive out in the real world and how to be safe on the roads. She even helped me with my road rage; honestly would highly recommend 10/10 driving instructor. Thank you Sharon Clark, lots of love”.


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“I started driving with a different instructor back in 2021, But stopped not long after as I wasn’t making any progress. I bought a car and drove with my dad for a couple of months before finding Sharon who was offering lessons to help with her training, I sent her a message and we started lessons soon after. Sharon was very communicative and friendly from the start, and she was very accommodating to my style of learning and practice, quickly realising the best way forward for me and making a lesson plan around that. She was very calm and I made it. I passed my test with only a few months of lessons with her, she has been a very good driving instructor and will provide good value for your money”.


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“Sharon is an absolutely brilliant instructor, she’s always made me feel safe and listened to when we’re out driving and I’ve seen she takes the time to understand what I need and tailor her teaching to that. I can’t recommend her enough and I know my driving has come on leaps and bounds since I started learning with her”.


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“Sharon was a wonderful driving instructor. She was always adapting her teaching to the best fit of how I learn, and was very encouraging even if I didn’t get something on the first try (or on the tenth for that matter). She’d push me towards improving even if I was already good at something, and would often show me just how far I’d come. On top of all that, she was also just nice to talk to.”


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“Sharon is an excellent driving instructor, who I cannot recommend highly enough. She took the time to explain elements of driving that I struggled with initially, in ways I could understand. She took me to various different locations in my lessons to introduce me to different road layouts, which not only helped me pass my test but also gave me much more confidence behind the wheel. Sharon is a calm and patient instructor who took the time to ensure that I understood everything and was competent and safe behind the wheel.”